Use A StoryBrand BrandScript To Grow Your Business

Author: Mike Ruman

Character Transformation

Where are they Now? (From)
How did your customers feel about themselves before using your product/service?

Who Are they Transformed Into? (To)
Who will your customer become after they use your product or service? What is their aspirational identity?


A Character
Who is our character?
What do they want?
How do they want to be perceived by others?

With A Problem

  • External – What is the problem?
  • Internal – How is the problem making them feel?
  • Philosophical – Why is this just plain wrong?
  • Villain – Who or what is the root cause of your customer’s problems?

The Guide

  • Express Empathy – What statement can you make to demonstrate you care about the customer’s frustration? (i.e., We get it …)
  • Demonstrate Authority – What stats or awards can you use to demonstrate? authority (competency)? (i.e., We’ve helped people just like you)

The Plan

  • What three steps (no more than 5 steps) can you give a customer? (i.e., (1) Call (2) Discovery (3) Custom Plan)What is the proprietary plan/process called?

Call To Action

  • What is your direct call to action? (book now, call now, download this)
    • Email drips
    • Slowly on-ramp people
    • Position yourself as the guide
    • Create reciprocity
    • Give, give, ask
    • Long-term nurture

Helps Them Avoid Failure

  • What negative consequences will your customers experience if they don’t do business with you?

Ends In Success

  • What good things will happen to your customers if they engage with your products or services?
  • How can you make your customers’ lives better?
  • Paint the vision (i.e. peace of mind, increased leads/sales, predictable revenue)
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Mike Ruman

Mike Ruman like to starts businesses, including this one, He builds tools to solve his own problems, then modifies them to help others solve their problems. When not solving problems online you can find him hiking in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.